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Choosing colours for your home can be a daunting and sometimes stressful task. The fear of getting the tint, tone or shade wrong can put many people completely of decorating and so they end up living with magnolia or something very neutral that does not excite or inspire them.

On-site Paint Colour Consultation - Interior & Exterior

Whether it is a simple re-paint for one room or five or a complete new build I can provide a paint colour consultancy service. This involves an on-site consultation with you to discuss your style, view the property and understand both the light and dimensions of space,  so I can choose the best paint colours and finishes for each of the areas in your home or workplace depending on your own unique personality and style. The exterior of your home/building can also be take into consideration.

Each consultation will be followed up with a printed colour spec to include a complete colour palette and can include walls, ceiling, woodwork, radiators,  wardrobes and even kitchen units where required. This report can be handed directly to the painter.

On-Site Basic Interior Colour Consultation

An interior colour consultation can be anything from choosing the colour of your furniture, fabric, flooring, fixtures, fittings down to final details incl accessories and artwork.


Digital Colour Consultations

Consultations by zoom/facetime/watsapp can be arranged if required. Digital consultations will take between 45/90mins depending on size of property. You can walk me through the property and we will discuss the colours/basic interiors for each room. 


Consulting with Designers & Architects

I have worked on numerous projects with various interior designers and architects focusing on the colour aspect of the design. Combining our skills ensures we create the best and most creative colour schemes for each of our clients whether it be residential or commercial properties.

All consultation times will vary and depend on how big the project but once we have made contact and discussed a project in detail we can determine how long a consultation will take.

If you would like to discuss your project in detail please email

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