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Green Kitchen - Adele Roche Colour and Design Consultant

Choosing colour for your home can be a daunting and sometimes stressful task. The fear of getting the tint, tone or shade wrong can put many people completely of decorating and so they end up living with magnolia or something very neutral

that does not excite or inspire them.


I can help you choose the best paint colours for your own personal environment and ensuring while I do this I explain the reasons why so you will in turn end up being more confident with your own colour choices in the future. 

An interior consultation includes all finishes for your home/workplace - 

flooring, furniture, fabrics, fixtures, wallpaper, lighting & accessories.


I work closely with each clietnt to create an interior that is unique to them & their property.

Colours for you

Creating something personal for each client is my main aim, to create an environment that means something special , while making everyone feel comfortable. I work very closely with each client and listen carefully to what they enjoy in life. I use colours that will bring out the best in each individual on a daily basis creating a space my client and their families

will be happy to live in.

A space that will inspire them!

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